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About me

Being passionate about embroidery for many many years, I often got a bit frustrated not to find the designs that I liked. Not that I don't like flowers or Sarah Kay but I wanted to make something different, something far from the usual clichés popping in mind when you talk about embroidery.

I was doing unique personalized pieces for the people that I love or have admired for a long time (e.g. Nick Cave, for which I have made embroideries that now appear on Tote Bags and T-Shirts) and really wanted to reach more people.

Embroidery - Nick Cave -- Nosferatus - VintageMadbyM

I've always wanted to share my passion for needlework with everyone and especially people who at first were far from this crafty world but more into alternative or Rock 'n' roll life.
That's why I have decided to design embroidery kits suitable for both total beginners and advanced embroiderers and that can be turned into beautiful decorative pieces.

Embroidery Rocks - Modern Embroidery -VintageMadbyM

I opened my Etsy Shop in September 2015 and have been blown away by the great feedback and reviews (Head to my tsy Shop where I have now 2,000+ sales). My biggest pleasure is to have many returning customers and especially those who had NEVER EVER made a stitch before.

I am doing everything by myself in my one woman business, from the drawing of the pattern to the tutorial, the transfer onto fabric and the preparation and packaging of the kit.

And I enjoy EACH step of the process in this small batch business.

Stay tuned for new designs and .... Keep on stitching