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Artistic Collaborations

Past, Present and Future. Don't be shy, contact-me !

Saffron Reichenbacker

Saffron is a dear friend and Brighton based artist inspired by a dream world of silver screen vamps and Weimar Berlin ghosts. She works primarily with ink sketches, which are then scanned and developed digitally. Using strong lines and bold colours, her pieces commonly take the form of imagined portraits. In these, she creates a mood that brings to life her dark dream vision of the 1920s. Saffron has exhibited in the UK, Italy & America. She loves cats, aerial circus and damn fine coffee. 

I fell in love with her work from the very first time I have seen her art in a shop in Brighton years ago and have been really honored when she proposed me a collaboration and asked me to embroider one of her drawing. We loved so much the first embroidery kit that we put together (Garçonne) that we have decided to create an other kit: Carmilla.

Nick Cave

I am a long-time Nick Cave fan and have followed his work since the first time I have seen him on a screen in Wings of Desire when I was fifteen. I have started embroidery mostly to create unique objects for the people I love and naturally had to embroider things for Nick. He has supported and loved my work from the start and I probably decided to sell my work and designs thanks to all of his encouragements. In 2017, I gave him an embroidery as a cheat sheet for the Mercy Seat lyrics and against all odds he put it on his piano and let it there for all the following tours. My embroidery went around the world a few times ! We then collaborated together and turned the design of this embroidery as a Tote bag and a T-shirt, both sold on Nick Cave's official website.

Concretebodies by Britta Burmester

My friend Britta is a photographer who does amazing architectural pictures under the name Concretebodies. I fell in love with her picture of Reeperbahn, the Red Light District in Hambourg and have decided to embroider it. After around 100 hours of stitching it became this embroidery.

We both thought it looked amazing and decided to turn it into a Tote bag sold for a good cause: all the profits will be donated to Amnesty International. You still can oder the bag from Britta's Etsy shop or mine.