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No worries ! I have lots of Kits and PDF Patterns suitable for you !  


We had such a nice time with Muriel; so fun and relaxing to do your own embroidery and to learn the techniques. Muriel is an excellent host, great coffee and conversation. Our 17-year old daughter says it was superfun (and she continued to embroider in the car when leaving). Thank you so much!

Marit (July 2018)

I’m so happy about this. The shipping was super fast and everything was nicely explained. This was my second embroidery work (after a cross-Stich one) that I ever made and I enjoyed it so much! Thank you :-)

Verena (Dec. 2018)

Beautiful kit arrived so quickly. I love buying these kits as gifts but i caved and bought myself one! I really enjoy it and will absolutely buy more. X

Hannah (Nov. 2018)

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