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Love Swallows, Traditional Sailor's Tattoo Embroidery Kit

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The Love Swallows, Traditional Sailor's Tattoo Embroidery Kit is designed by me and is suitable for beginners or more advanced embroiderers. You can choose to buy the full embroidery kit (see below) or just the printed fabric with the pattern and the tutorial. Click for examples of kits and printed fabrics.

  • an embroidery needle,
  • black embroidery floss,
  • red embroidery floss (colors may vary a bit from pictures),
  • calico with the pattern printed over it (you will just have to follow the lines...),
  • a good quality (made in the UK) 5 inches (12.5 cm) wooden embroidery hoop. This hoop can also be used as a frame, and be painted or just left natural,
  • strong thread to finish the back of the embroidery with the drawstring method,
  • an instructions sheet in English with all the informations you will need and
  • embroidery scissors or thread snips (optional).

The finished embroidery will measure 5 inches in diameter.

You can either buy scissors or thread snips when ordering. Click here for pictures.

Design by VintageMadbyM. Do not copy or resell.