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New Embroidery Sew Along! One of my bestselling pattern: the Spring Tattooed Lady.

I have seen recently many gorgeous embroideries of my Spring Lady on Instagram and thought it would be nice to remake one myself (it’s a fun pattern to embroider) and also to take this opportunity to make video step by step tutorials for you.

This sew a long has already started on Instagram TV but I thought I would post it here too, as it will be easier to catch it from here in the future.

This kit is still for sale in my shop (as a complete embroidery kit with all the materials, or as a pre-printed fabric with the tutorial), or as an instant download PDF version.

I want to point that this embroidery might look intricate, but if you follow this sew a long, you can definitely do it, even if you are a total beginner.

If so, it might be good to have a look first, at this post with the basics of hand embroidery.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, I will happily answer.


  1. We will use the #backstitch to outline all the Lady with 2 strands of #embroideryfloss. Except her face that we will make at the very end with one strand of black. 

    Are you ready? Have a look at the video to see how It goes. 

  2. SOUND ON! Here we do #rocknrollembroidery so, you, Guys, will be lucky to enjoy some of my very fav music. Today it s the astonishing @shilparayofficial with Erotolepsy. She is in my top 5 singers! Yes, I said 5 and with her are simply Nick Cave and Nina Simone. So you can imagine how great she is. If you dont know her work, check it out and catch up with her records. She is performing a European tour soon and I wish that she s coming somewhere near your place. 
  3. Back to our #needlework. The Backstitch is the base but as often basics things are more complicated than they look if we want to make them look great. So the best tips that I can give you here are 🌾focus on following the pattern, take your time and replace your needle if you are not satysfied, before pulling the thread 🌾when you get « back » with the tip of your needle, try to feel the little hole made in the fabric with your previous stitch. And poke the needle into it. This will make smoother stitches.🌾I have seen in my workshops that it often happens that there is a tiny gap between 2 stitches. It s super easy to solve: just make a small backstitch by stitching into each backstitch around the little gap.
[Click on the image below to play the video]

    THE FISHNET PANTIES (a very fun part)

    1. A satisfying stitch! It goes super quickly and looks fab. A very easy and effective kind of stitch.  We will make long stitches, one for each line, with 1 strand of #embroideryfloss. We will make them in all kind of directions, this will help to hold them together ( instead of making all the parallel lines in one direction and then all the perpendicular ones) Have a look at the video to see how it goes. If you pay attention, you can even hear Kylie, my singer kitty at the end ( oh she loves when I stitch while listenning to music and we always sing together. For the video I spared you my singing). 
    2. SOUND ON! Today in the  #rocknrollembroidery #stitchingclass we are listening to the Sisters of Mercy with Marian because when I think fishnet it means Goth to me and I couldn t think about anything more Goth than  this.
    3. Back to our #needlework. You can seen that to avoid making mistakes in the pretty close lines, I hold my thread over the tracing to see where exactly I will have to poke my needle in. It really helps a lot. I hope that you will enjoy stitching this very relaxing bit. 
    [Click on the image below to play the video]


      1. We will use a #chainstitch to give a neat and #lingerie style to our panties. This will be around the waist and on the sides of the panties. We will use 1 strand of black #embroideryfloss. Have a look at the video to see how the chainstitch goes. 
      2. SOUND ON! Today in the  #rocknrollembroidery #stitchingclass we are listening to the Queen ♥️Nina Simone ♥️with Sinnerman. I dont know how it goes for you: I personally have  loads of music that I like but that I dont want to listen to all the time. It has to be the right moment for most of it. And then there are a bunch of songs or artists that I simply LOVE at any moment, despite how good or bad I feel. This is one of these songs. As soon as it starts it does me good and fills me with something really warm and delightful.♥️ 
      3. Back to our #needlework. I have made a detailed post about the Chainstitch in a video.

      [Click on the image below to play the video]

      The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to take your time for this one. To constantly check and hold your thread with your non dominant hand ( to avoid any twisting). Also, be gentle to your thread, do not pull to tight as you want your stitch to keep this cute round look. A stand helps a lot for this kind of #handembroidery. Mine is the Elbesee floor stand that you can easily find online. Alternatively, you can put half on your #embroideryhoop onto a table to have both of your hands free to work. I hope that you are still enjoying stitching our #spring #tattooedlady. That s it for this week, have a lovely week end! Again, do not hesitate to reach out as I m happy to answer your questions! 

      [Click on the image below to play the video]

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