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Embroidery Stitch-a-long. Part 4: let’s embroider the ROSES!!!


I hope that you are enjoying the embroidery sew-a-long so far and that all goes well. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below, I will happily answer.


For the ones of you catching up here, no worries, you got plenty of time and you can have a look at the previous posts (Part 1 - Gather supplies, Part 2 - A few Basics, Part 3 - The Backstitch)

Last week we learnt the Backstitch and outlined the hands and sleeves. Today we will make the roses and I will propose you 2 ways to do them.

The first way will be to use the Backstitch that you probably handle well now. The only little difference here is that you will be working on a smaller scale than for the hands, so more precision is required. You will also find out quickly by yourself that, for the smaller designs, you will have to adapt your stitch length, and reduce it to fit with the traced pattern. 

Embroidery Tote Bag Stitch-a-long - VintageMadbyM

We will use 3 strands of thread to embroider the roses: Red for the flower, green for the leaves and stems. Be careful not to stitch the rosebud, it will be stitched later in a Satin Stitch.

Embroidery Tote Bag Stitch-a-long - VintageMadbyM

I guess you have got all the informations if you want to make the roses in Backstitch.

If you are  feeling ok with learning  a new stitch already, you can make the Rose flower in Chainstitch instead of Backstitch. This will add a bit of density and texture to your embroidery. In this case we will use 2 strands of red floss to embroider the Rose flower in Chainstitch.

Embroidery Tote Bag Stitch-a-long - VintageMadbyM

The leaves and stems will be made, like in the other way,  in Backstitch with 3 strands of green floss.

Chainstitch is one of my very favorite stitch, I especially love it to embroider words.

Here is how the chainstitch goes:

 Embroidery Tote Bag Stitch-a-long - VintageMadbyM

But nothing beats a great video to learn a gesture, so here is Mary Corbet’ s video of the Chainstitch:

Once again, do not embroider the rosebud, we will make it later with a filling stitch.

So, which stitch did you pick: the Chainstitch or the Backstitch?

I can t wait to hear from you, guys and I wish you a very lovely end of the week. Until, next time, keep on stitching!

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