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Embroidery Stitch-a-long. Part 1: gather supplies

Welcome to our Victorian Hands Sew Embroidery Sew along!

This first post will all be about supplies to let you a bit of time to gather all the materials. The next post, where we will actually start the Embroidery will be uploaded in 2 weeks so everybody is ready!

I will guide you through the process of stitching the Victorian Hands Sew Pattern that I designed. Just make sure that you signed up on my website and that you subscribed to the newsletter.

Embroidery Stitch-a-long. Part 1 gather supplies - VintageMadbyM

Regarding the materials needed, you will have different options: 

  • you already have got all the embroidery paraphernalia (threads, hoop, scissors, transfer materials, needle...) and you want to make the embroidery onto a piece of fabric, pillow case, bag, etc...that you already have. You can just get the PDF Pattern with a written tutorial, here. There will be a special price (5€ until the end of January, 10€ after).
  • you want to embroider onto my Unbleached Natural Cotton Tote Bag (and want to avoid the time-consuming pattern transfer step), but you already have the basics (threads, hoop, needle, scissors). Head there to order the screen printed Tote. There is a special price through January:10€ with free worldwide shipping, 12€ after. 
  • For these 2 first options, you will need to have an embroidery hoop (size 7-9’’ in diameter would be nice), black or white embroidery thread ( black if you embroider onto a light fabric, white if you embroider onto a dark fabric), metallic gold thread, red and green embroidery thread, a needle, scissors, transfer or tracing materials for the first option (this step will not be covered in the sew along but is explained in the PDF document).
  • you want to get the full kit with all the materials you need and you already have got scissors. You can choose between the Navy Tote Bag, or the Natural Unbleached Cotton Tote, available here as embroidery kits.
  • you want to treat yourself with a Gift Box Embroidery Kit with all the supplies, plus gorgeous retro style embroidery scissors, a cute needle minder and a few goodies. Head here to order.

You are very welcome to ask questions, and once again this Embroider along is beginners friendly!

Can t wait to hear from you guys.♥️✂️♥️

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